Friday, July 11, 2008

the list that started everything

well, I hope ...

I discovered the 101 in 1001 project while browsing Ravelry, and, almost on a whim, decided that I should participate. I think the summer doldrums brought on my hasty decision; it's been so icky here that all I can do is laze about, go to work, and laze about some more. I've already grown pretty tired of that routine, so starting my 1001 days now seems like the logical thing to do. I spent a good bit of last night compiling a list, that I'll now record here. I hope I'm not being overly ambitious, but I suppose the only way I'll find that out is by attempting to complete everything on this list.

Art Goals:

1. finish binding my first two editions of books and place them with booksellers
2. finish the songbook
3. execute plan for handspun book object
4. enter my work into at least 12 juried shows over the course of 1001 days.
5. place work in three more boutiques/galleries
6. build my press's website
7. write a craft how-to book
8. learn to make gelatin monoprints
9. perfect the art of plant printing
10. design and print stitched! notecards
11. apply for artist residencies and grants
12. assemble a papermaking sample book and use it
13. update the might could blog at least once a week

Domestic Bliss Goals:

14. make my own cleaning supplies
15. can vegetables
16. make lemonade from scratch
17. successfully grow tomatoes
18. maintain a small herb garden
19. learn to make cheese
20. eliminate paper towels from my house
21. make pumpkin pancakes
22. use a clothesline to dry laundry
23. have a backyard barbecue
24. make salad niciose with seared tuna
25. cut the lawn regularly
26. have my family over for a holiday celebration
27. host another sushi party
28. make baklava for the holidays
30. stock the freezer with homemade food divided into meal-sized portions in lieu of eating lunch out for a month
31. eat only in-season produce for a month
32. get eggs locally
33. request a city recycling bin
34. compost
35. make homemade dog cookies

Crafty Goals

36.knit a sweater for Z
37. finish tow quilts
38. knit an EZ-style sweater
39. teach someone how to knit
40. knit projects from yarn in my stash
41. enter a handspun, handknit item into a county fair
42. knit lace panels for wall art
43. learn to knit fair isle with more than two colors
44. finish mitered square afghan
45. knit Baudelaire socks
46. process an entire fleece and spin it
47. knit a laminaria with my handspun
48. knit dishcloths for my kitchen
49. knit washcloths for my bathroom
50. knit at least three things for charity
51. knit a Christmas stocking for myself
52. knit a Christmas stocking for Z
53. knit a Christmas stocking for FMIL
54. make a tee for Z
55. learn to sew knit fabric
56. knit a holiday garland
57. teach someone to make paper
58. design my own sweater
59. refinish my spinning wheel
60. spin flax
61. sew quilted coasters
62. spin through my alpaca fiber stash
63. build a deckle box
64. spin an art yarn (or several)

Money Goals

65. adhere to a budget for at least one month
66. open a savings account and use it
67. buy no new clothes for a year (three months down, nine to go!)
68. plan meals and grocery shop accordingly.

Self Goals

69. lose the last of that lingering weight
70. write a letter every week
71. take a walk at least twice a week
72. give blood
73. get a manicure
74. take more baths
75. get my teeth cleaned regularly (i.e., save money and get it done!)
76. spend 20 minutes every day doing nothing but cuddling with puppy dogs
77. eat breakfast every morning
78. take a photograph daily

Loooove Goals

79. never stop telling Z that I love him every day
80. get married
81. make an original print just for Z
82. make Z a sumptuous breakfast in bed

Learning Goals

83. learn to use dreamweaver
84. revise typography article and submit for publication
85. revise master's thesis and submit for publication
86. include more tutorials on my blog
87. read at least one new book every month
88. learn to change my own oil

Travel Goals

89. stay overnight at the Shack Up Inn
90. cycle the natchez trace
91. go to the gordo hootenanny
92. visit the Birmingham art museum library
93. visit the apper museum in Atlanta
94. Go to Asheville
95. eat korean food
96. go to the beach with Z

Good Egg Goals

97. exclusively buy locally made bath and beauty supplies
98. only give books, music, dvds, or handmade items for gifts
99. donate my unwanted books to the public library
100. offer two free book workshops
101. make another list